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Our 406 Agronomy consultant oversight allows for improvement and profitability of all farming processes powered by safe, accurate and reliable agricultural advice.

Our Services

Agronomy Services

Soil Sampling

GPS referenced, multiple depth soil sampling. Samples are taken from either the dominant productivity zone or multiple zones for variable rate fertilizer planning.

Crop Planning

Fertilizer and seed recommendations specific to your farm's soils, equipment and historical management.

Crop Scouting

In-season, "boots on the ground" scouting based on a schedule that fits your needs and budget.

Tissue Sampling

Multiple tissue tests per field, used to fine tune in-season fertility applications as well as improve future fertility planning.

Precision Ag SERVICES

Weather and Soil Moisture Monitoring

In-field Davis Instruments Weather Stations to track temperature, wind speed, accumulated precipitation, and other weather data. Combining this info with soil moisture data allows us to predict yield potential and make smarter in-season decisions.

Zone Mapping

Trimble PowerZone 2.0 breaks fields into productivity zones based on historical satellite imagery.

Variable Rate Prescription Generation

PowerZones and other data layers are used to create controller-specific prescription files, no matter what color of equipment you are operating.

In-season Satellite Imagery

High resolution, high frequency satellite imagery during the growing season.

Data Management

Farm Data Management

Trimble Ag Software, an integrated solution for tracking farm data. Mobile, online, and desktop platforms allow you to track field records, crop input costs, application and yield data, grain storage, and much more.

Cost per Unit Production/Profitability Analysis

Yearly meeting to assess profitability, at the farm level down to individual acres.

Grain Marketing Advice

In cooperation with Lance Wilson.

Lance works with you to provide grain marketing advice, including setting price targets specific to your operation.

Yield Data Management

 Yield data is cleaned and processed, turning your yield maps into actionable insights.