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Deploying agronomy at a higher level of resolution... spatially, temporally, and financially, 406 Agronomy utilizes the latest technology to ensure our shadow is precisely placed across the landscape.  

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Precision Ag Technologies

Davis Instruments Weather Station


EnviroMonitor brings your farm into the modern age of technology, serving as your reliable “eyes and ears” in the field, 24/7. It is a revolution of precision agriculture: it gathers intelligence by measuring, monitoring and managing critical field data related to climate, irrigation, and crop production. Add almost any sensor you choose to suit your needs and microclimate. Now you can have an affordable, flexible, rugged solution that delivers the data you need to manage key elements that keep crops healthy, yields high, and money in your pocket.

Crop Intelligence Soil Moisture Probe


Crop Intelligence is an app that collects and interprets soil moisture to model Water Driven Yield Potential in dry-land farming. Crop Intelligence App interprets weather station data by using crop available moisture, accumulative rainfall and expected precipitation to model yield potential throughout the growing season, allowing a farmer to make real time decisions on their farm with confidence and optimize return on investment. 

Crop Intelligence by South Country

Kristjan Hebert - South Country Equipment - Discussion on Crop Intelligence

Crop Nutrients

Bio-Sul Premium Plus


Bio-Sul Premium Plus is a recycled, sustainable nutrient source consisting of 70% elemental sulphur and 30% compost. Sulphur (S) is essential in all crops, and shortages can lead to decreased yield and protein levels in crops. Bio-Sul Premium Plus is an elemental sulphur product, consisting of a variety of particle sizes providing an extended breakdown period. Some sulphur is readily available as sulfate sulfur. And as the season unfolds, elemental sulphur is broken down all season long thanks to the nutrient-rich compost and soil microbes. With high-application rates, multiple years of sulphur availability is present making Bio-Sul Premium Plus an economical nutrient.

Replenish Nutrients (Organic)


 Replenish Nutrients is a supplier of nutritional soil amendments derived from rock phosphate, elemental sulphur and organic compost for the Organic Industry in Western Canada and Northern United States. The analysis is 0-17-0-12 and is available in a granular form that can be broadcast or seed placed. Replenish Nutrients products address soil health issues resulting from phosphorus and sulphur depletion. The products allow for both near term and longer term phosphorus availability.

The Bio-Cycle Solutions Story


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Elston Solberg on Sulphur


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